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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Stairs at Smith 

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Steps are an important concept. I feel like my life is a rebuilding effort and sometimes when I step up I also step aside or step down. A few years ago, I decided to fight God. I felt wronged by him and that He had set me up in an unjust situation. So I decided the next time the situation came around, I would do it my way, not His. I did do it my way, and I lost my way. God became less important to me and I forgot His son Jesus. Things happened as a result and my relationship with church was attenuated and then severed. The situation ended. God just wanted me to experience it for a little while. It became important for me to look deep with in myself and figure out who I was. I found a startling answer. God had never left me. He had left His mark. When I had been baptized, God had left His mark in my soul. My attitudes, my goals, and how I want to do things are all about God and His way. So, in the course of running from Him, I ran closer to Him. Today, I have decided to give up. To live my life as God would intend rather than by my own rules.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Hey Look What the Cat Dragged In 

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Oh wait a minute, that is the cat!

Ever get doused in cold water? Sometimes that cold wet shivering feeling is the nastiest thing ever going. Every once in a while, I come to that in my spiritual journey. It occurs when my assupmtions I have lived under are proven to be false.

A lot of times, reality is the water in the bucket. Circumstances have a way of providing this feeling. One day, while stopped at a light, a woman came and bumped into the back of my car. The adrenaline started to surge, I felt light headed. I felt violated, that someone had invaded my space. When I got out of the car, it turned out that I had just a little bump on my rear bumper.

In my mind's eye, the rear of the car had been separated!

Happy Birthday Group! 

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Rink life at its finest.

Happy Birthday Gina! 

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Birthdays are best! Here is a photo of Gina blowing out the candles on the cake. How old is she? You may ask, but a gentleman never tells. Birthdays at the rink are better than the best!

Zuca Zuca 

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Ever see a bag this good? The wheels light up when you pull the handle. Nikki says it is good for 3 half racks of beverages. This is Jasmine demoing her bag. The colors pick up the look.

Zuca are amazing. Selling so much at the rink, itis crazy. I sent out an e mail link and sold one today due to the e mail. People love them. More marketing is better!

Sunday, April 16, 2006


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So, where is your identity? Some days I have problems with this. Do I say that I am Don, ice rink manager, or should I say that I am Don, good son and loving father of two sons? The answer to this question, like everything, lies in balance.
Unless we die quickly, without notice, we leave life the same way we start life; without physical possessions. If you ask a ninety year old woman, who knows her death is soon approaching, she will say she is an independent woman who raised seven children after her husband died and worked hard to get out of debt. She will continue on to say she is open to whatever death will bring to her, and while she is not sure what will happen in the afterlife, she is ready for anything that will happen.
The majority of people I know would say that I am a man/woman who owns a house in a particular neighborhood, owns a car, and has a sexy body. Yet, still, how much of this is significant? Most of it is not significant, especially the part about possessions. Before we die, we will lose everything we own, except the parts that really matter.
Where is the balance in between these statements? For me, I would say that I am an ice rink manager who is raising two sons and is traveling a spiritual path for the last seven and a half years. It is important to include what I do because I spend so much time doing it. My kids are important because they will be with me until my life or theirs end. The spiritual path is important because that defines how I approach relationships and my belief in a God of my unerstanding.
Sometimes I feel like a car with wings. Neither a part of the physical world, nor a part of the spiritual world. I think the car pictured here is neither a good car nor a good airplane. I try hard to capture the balance between the physical and spiritual. All I know is that today I am open to balance.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Fella the Cat 

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One day, Fella was on the dining room table. I was petting him and his head was near Betty. I stopped petting him and he bit Betty. She told me to pet him more, so I did. Eventually, I stopped. He looked at me like I was the Devil Incarnate. He jumped off the table and went and bit a piece out of the door. Nice Kitty Kitty......

I don't think so....

Watch for Goats 

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We spotted this one in Eastern Oregon. It would be bad if you hit a goat with your car. There were 15 of these signs on the side of the road on the highway to Imnaha.

The Shroom 

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The Shroom, the noble shroom. It is silly, but I have liked this photo for a long long time. I think it is a good still life with interesting lighting. I wonder if I could still do that.....

Me, back in the day 1979 

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This is me back 27 years ago. Gosh I look different. Today I am going through the struggle of losing weight. I've lost 4 pant sizes so far in my quest. At my peak, I think I was about 140 pounds more than I was in 79. I don't know if I will ever make it this far. The last time I lost weight, I got to within 40 pounds of this weight here. Pretty good for a 40 year old. I lost control of the weight, and I went up too high again. So here I am losing again. The most important thing is lifestyle. Right now I am living a good lifestyle. I will have to keep it up though for the rest of my life.

John Arico 

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I wonder where my old college friends are. I located some pictures that are about 27 years old. So I scanned them in and posted them on Flickr.

I think we accepted subtantially different dress back in the seventies. I heard rumors that John went traveling for a year or two. Good for him.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


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To be patient is to bear pains and trials without complaint. It is also demonstrating forebearnace under strain or provocation. (

Sometimes it seems like the whole world is impatient. From cars passing on the right to people having expectations of when somethig should happen, our whole world is in a hurry. A lot of people seem to expect life to be like TV. You can solve any problem in an hour or two. Life doesn't work like that. It always takes longer than you think it should to solve any problem involving people.

I would like my life to be perfect everyday. That is never very likely, but it is a nice goal.

My life is a lot like watching the ocean. There are lots of waves, wind blown spray, but the water level changes slowy or not at all. Have you ever waited for the tide to come in? It happens so slowly you can't see it happening.

When I go to the doctor, I realize being a patient is who I am as well as what I do. I am never very good at it.

Patience works in sales work too. If you push your customer too far, they will shut down. If you are gentle, they will slowly come around to buy/use your product or service.

How do you use Patience in your life?

Monday, March 06, 2006

Faith Photo 2 

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Faith is a really important concept. Without it, there is no possibility of becoming a spiritual person.

Having faith in your path will lead you to places you could not know.

For me, Faith is a building block. There are many things in my life that I can not control. People, places and things come to mind. In particular, I can not control myself. I have great Faith that the God of my understanding is the only thing that can control me. He helps me every day. I start the day with a prayer for Him to Help me, and end each day with a thank you Father!

I also have great faith that if left to my own devices, I will mess up my life. For some reason I have the wrong instincts. I find that if I pray and am open to God's solutions (not mine) I will find the best way. God's solutions are always better than what I can think of on my own. Sometimes, it only takes a pause for me to find a better way.

In my life, Faith feels like going through a tunnel. You go into darkness and without knowing where you will come out, you find the light of the spirit. Or sometimes, it is like a bridge. I get limited to a narrow path because God eliminates the other possibiities. Coming out the other end, though, I am just where God wantes me to be. This is always a good thing.

Faith can lead me to acceptance. I can accept the things that God has for me.

Faith can also lead me to success. Frequently I keep on trying and trying. My Faith doesn't let me know I could fail, so I pick myself up, dust myself off and try again. It always works eventually.

How is your Faith today?

Faith Photo 1 

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What path are you on? 

01 15 2006 092
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Today I am on a path I never thought would exist. I have done a lot of work to get here. I am definitely going into a better future.

When I was drinking, I was on a path of self destruction. I was angry all the time, and very difficult to live or work with.

Stopping drinking brought on several difficult adjustments. I lost my family, my home and almost everything except my job. For me, I lost these things after I stopped drinking. I thought that was unusual at the time. It only made sense that if I stopped drinking, life would be better. I did not realize that my life was based on drinking. Once I stopped drinking, all the unhealthy parts of my life started to end. This one event in my life brought me to a sharp turn in my path.

It took years for me to be able to look back with comfort on my drinking time. After a while, I even became comfortable with waving good bye to the drinking man I left behind.

Today, I am on a much better path. One where I try hard not to be self destructive. I don't know where I am going, nor how far I am along the path. The most important part of the path is the journey. As I travel, I want to make sure I miss nothing of interest along the way. Sometimes, I can only go further by growing and that growth usually occurs through pain.

For years, I thought the path grew narrower. This is not the case. My spiritual journey makes possible many experiences that would not be possible without it. So the path is narrowing in terms of my past, and widening in terms of my future. I am being projected into a fourth dimension I never dreamed existed.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Does life have a metered on ramp? 

Does life have a metered on ramp?
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Some days I feel like my life is a metered on ramp. I hurry up and then I wait.

I hurried up and started classes at University of Phoenix before they evaluated my transfer credits. 11 weeks later, they still had not done so. They had a grocery list of reasons why it hadn't occurred. An Academic Advisor had been promoted and a Financial Services person had been on leave for seven weeks. To top it all off, I got a 100% in my last class, which means I need a little more competitive program. So it is time to apply elsewhere and see if I can get a more worth while degree. I am left with a gnawing doubt of their competency.

I went to the doctor the other day. I caled his office back to see if they could reccomend a doctor who was on my insurance. They said they would call back but never did.

At work, I call people all the time. They promise me answers to my questions, but never call back. Sometimes problems get bigger that way. I think it would all be easier if we were consistent with our replies.

Sometimes, I do this too. I feel like I get too busy and other things are demanding my attention. So I take care of the important things first and less important things get shoved down the priority list.

I discovered lately that exercise needs to move up the priorities. I have a wrecked foot that will do better with less weight. So today found me bicycling instead of at the computer.

I don't think anyone is malicious in this hurry up and wait mentality. I think all of us have a lot on our plate. The biggest trick is managing my time so I am able to get everything done. Somedays that seems difficult or impossible.

The idea at the center of this post is the difficulty of balancing needs and priorities. I am an unbalanced person. Only God can make me balanced.

So it is back to the prayer and meditation exercises. That always helps and lets me know that I am not in charge.

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